SMEs Business intelligence

The web based next gen spreadsheet for small businesses.

Bamboo engine proposes a platform to develop your own business intelligence system to manage and optimise your company.


Company Name

Bamboo Engine

Reference Number 2013

Market Sectors:

Business, Computer Sciences, Financial Services, IT & Telecoms, Multi-Sector

Operational Areas

Administration, Business, Finance, Human Resources, IT & Telecoms, Management, Operations

Commercial Solutions

Ensure Compliance
Increase Efficiency
Increase Security
Mitigate Risk

Commercial Opportunities

Seeking Funding

Speed to Market

3 - 6 months

Bamboo is born from the strong feeling that the keys of innovation and success are the reactivity and the optimisation.

In the early stage of their start-ups, the entrepreneurs struggle to find the good tools that would help them managing their company. The existing solutions address the more developed companies. They propose pre-built packages of companies’ structures and management. But the start-up environment has proved to be in constant innovation, refuting the existing business models. Such solutions are then not adapted to this environment.

Bamboo proposes an online data management tool, enabling the user to control easily and efficiently the different aspects of a company, such as finance, operations, stocks, projections, human resources, etc… in order to provide to that wave of new entrepreneurs a way to remain and grow in this competitive environment.


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