On a smart intuitive interface, the user online designs a personalized virtual product, as a layout for searching for finished products or for individual production


The purpose of the developed system is to provide the consumer with an intelligent platform for forming an online product profile with individual consumer properties.
The possibilities of flexible intelligent ordering are a significant advantage in modern e-commerce. Usually, the ordered product is described by several basic independent characteristics (variables). Based on these variables, many other characteristics of the ordered product can be calculated. It is important for the user to be able to independently choose the composition of characteristics for ordering goods. This solves the problem of translating the order from the terms of characteristics that are understandable to the user into terms of characteristics that are convenient for the manufacturer (supplier), taking into account the physical, technological and other restrictions imposed on them.
The technology of a smart (intuitive) interface is based on algorithms that allow the user to form unique personalized queries online in a visual mode, combining product characteristics in a variety of combinations, including random ones. Thus, the consumer constructs an individual image of the product, which is used as a model for finding a finished product or for its individual production. In the future, this approach can be used for the automated production of an individual product, for example, based on 3D printers or other additive technologies.
The scope of the considered approaches is quite wide. These are electronic or combined sales systems, for example, clothes and shoes, kitchen and tableware, various vessels, furniture, and so on, right up to the real estate. It is also possible to carry out work on the production of appropriate products for individual orders. Similar systems can be used in the provision of services, for example, in the formation of tours, the provision of financial services (credit, insurance, securities), and so on.
The developed system helps to classify offers and orders, which will allow manufacturers to better understand which technology to choose for production. Our concept also allows designers to design any of their “crazy ideas”, provided that it is feasible within the framework of existing technologies and the laws of nature. The formed portfolio of virtual customer requests allows for automated marketing analysis of consumer preferences and tracking relevant trends.

Key Benefits

Easy and fast construction of a unique personalized request
Extended varied set of parameters for forming a request
Possibility of individual selection or production of a product
Using the query base for marketing analysis


Patent application "Smart content creation for e-commerce"
Interface layout "Configuration generator of vessels in the form of vases, bowls, dishes and so on"
Interfaces layouts "Generator of configurations for tours planning".

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