Treat yourself with chocolate personalized to your dietary needs, lifestyle and desires with better-for-you ingredient kits. Unleash your creativity using the chocolate maker.


We developed a chocolate experience for adults and children which consists of personalized ingredient kits and a home chocolate maker. Our chocolate experience enables the tailoring of chocolate to the specific individual needs and desires, making chocolate a healthy treat.

The home appliance together with the ingredient kits can be used to prepare a large variety of chocolate types in different shapes and compositions, and enable users to express feelings, imagination, and artistic talent. Moreover, it makes it easier to adhere to a specific diet by tailoring a better-for-you chocolate treat. It enables the expression of personal creativity by controlling the chocolate composition, taste, texture and shape. The chocolate creation experience and the chocolate products can be shared with family members, guests, friends, and online followers.

The smart chocolate maker provides an easy and fun chocolate making experience with guaranteed success. We offer consumers to treat themselves by personalizing chocolate “their way.” This is done through ingredient kits, that like Lego® building blocks can be combined to create unlimited varieties. Consumers can choose to make dark, milk or white chocolate, control the level of sweetness, avoid common allergens, adhere to special diets, and more. In addition, they can sprinkle above or mix in any kind of goodie such as fruits and nuts.

Our building blocks can be divided into the following groups and sub-groups:
• The Cocoa blocks
o Single origin, like Peru, Ghana, etc.
o Blends made by experts, balancing specific flavor notes of the cocoa
• Sweetener blocks
o Organic cane sugar
o Low GI coconut sugar
o Zero-calories, based on stevia, monk-fruit, etc.
• Milk & “Mylk” blocks
o Dairy
o Non-dairy/vegan (e.g., coconut, almond, oat)
o Lactose-free dairy
• Flavouring blocks, such as vanilla, mint, citrus, etc.
• Functional blocks- the chocolate could be “loaded” with personalized functionality such as:
o Probiotics
o Prebiotics
o Vitamins

Our chocolate experience allows everybody to include healthy personal tailor-made chocolate in their regular menu, thus ruling out the negative stigma of chocolate consumption.

Key Benefits

We are addressing physical, emotional and social needs. The basic natural love of chocolate for most people, a way to express creativity and feelings, and the exploding trend of sharing experiences with family and friends.

People take advantage of appliances to make good coffee at home, bake their own bread, even make their own ice cream. But until now, there is no appliance that enables people to make their own high-quality, healthy, chocolate, in their own kitchens.

Making high-quality chocolate requires skills and machinery. With Chocomake, people at any skill level can make high-quality chocolate, enjoying the easy and fun experience.

For people with special diets, such as low sugar or veganism, the range of chocolates that meet their needs is limited and expensive. Making chocolate at home enables them to create a wide range of chocolates that suits their needs and taste.


One application is for the home consumer (B2C) where the following audiences can make chocolate “their way”:
• Foodie makers - people that like to cook and bake, for whom working in the kitchen is a hobby or even a small
• Families who look for a fun and educational activity, a sweet time together
• People with limitations on their diets:
o Health conditions such as diabetes, food allergies or Crohn’s Disease
o Wellness - people that follow a specific diet to increase their mental and physical wellness. For example: keto,
paleo, vegan

Another possible application is for businesses that would like to add an offer of unique healthy chocolates for their brand, without many big and costive machines. We offer tools for the pastry chef to easily become a chocolatier, as well as unique ingredients and recipes for chocolate they could integrate into other applications such as cakes, cookies, ice cream, pudding, beverages and so on. This could be relevant to coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, or even offices where the employees are invited to prepare themselves food and snacks in the cafeteria.

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