Our Certified Organic Hair Colours are 100% natural , made of organic herbs only, contain no chemicals at all, hence safe & healthy do not have any side effect .  It is a boon for


Radico believe in creating unique high quality  Natural Hair colours based on continuous research, experiments and Ayurveda.  Continuous efforts are made in order to attain highest possible quality consistency in Natural products, which is very difficult task as Mother Nature is not in our control.
Our Certified Organic Hair Colours are 100% natural , made of organic herbs only, contain no chemicals at all, hence safe & healthy do not have any side effect . 
It is a boon for those who are allergic to chemicals, It not only colour hair safely but also extend hair treatment properties- make hair soft, silky and shiny too.
It is the first single step 100% Natural Hair Colour in world to get organic certification by ECO-CERT, a France based world's best organic certifying company 
Colours available - soft black, dark brown, brown, light brown, copper brown, burgundy, Mahogany, wine red, strawberry blonde, golden blonde, auburn red, Honey Blonde, Champagne Blonde, Light Reddish Blonde, Reddish Blonde, Caramel Blonde, Beige Blonde, Wheat Blonde, Light Ash blonde, Ash Blonde, Dark Ash Blonde, Darkest Ash Blonde, Violet
Product have received an excellent response from global market as well Indian market too.
we are exporting to 100 + countries including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Hungary , India and Romania etc Natural product stores and health stores.
 This product is not a FMCG product, but a health product, and hence it should not be compared with chemical hair colours. Its efficacy is not so strong like chemicals, but it is a safe product for your body and health. It is for those who are either health conscious or allergic to chemicals and understand natural products.
In India  and other parts of world most of the hair colour users are allergic to chemicals. Main ingredients in chemical based hair colours causing allergy and side effects are chemicals like -PPD, PAP, AMMONIA, RESORCINOL.etc 
And our organic hair colours are  totally free from any chemicals and contain only organic herbs.
Our Certified Organic hair colours have received many awards and recognition world wide latest being - that Radico “Goldenblond” has been awarded as the winner of a comparison test between 17 different brands/colours, done by VERGLEICH an independent and leading most trusted consumer care company in Germany and EU. Our of total 133 Hair colours brands only 17 brands could qualify the high quality parameters of Vergleich, consumer care organisation, and out of which Radico was winner and best, and only brand to be found safe for environment too.
Please see here the link: https://www.vergleich.org/haarfaerbemittel-blond/

Key Benefits

1. World’s first hair colour to get 100% organic certification by ECO CERT France
2. First hair colour 100% made of 100% organic herbs only with no added synthetic chemicals.
3. Totally safe and healthy for hair and body , with no side effects and allergy
4. Environment friendly , Biodegradable
5. Duly certified MADE SAFE
6. Duly certified - CERT CLEAN - made of all clean ingredients
7. Twice declared as safe and healthy and best hair colour in Germany and EU.
8. Only 100% herbs hair colour which really work and is stable
9. Patented product


Personal care - safe & Healthy hair colour- for both Men and Women of all ages and geographical location world wide.

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