2 Channel transmission keeps the speed of the motor totally independent of the output speed. In a car the speed of the motor could be, all the time, the speed of minimum pollution.


All the details at: 2ChannelTransmission.com
This is a combination of a differential and a CVT. Both of them have been used for a long time. What is new is the way we combined them. The design is scalable. It can be adapted to many different speeds and torques required by different applications.

Key Benefits

- Keeping cars running at speed of minimum pollution
- Better gas mileage
- Cheaper to manufacture
- Very high torque at low speed. Possibility of downsizing
- Continuous variation of the output speed. Truck drivers don't have to switch 16 gears.


The market of the new transmission is the market of the gearbox and gearboxes are everywhere: Cars - Heavy vehicles - Wind energy - Military vehicles - Farming equipment....

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