3D printer filament feed system tracks, quantifies, and coats/treats filaments used in additive manufacturing printers


Many 3D printers only indicate whether filament is available on a reel, not the actual amount. Therefore, a user receives no warning that a reel is almost empty. Similarly, as users switch between filaments of different colors and materials, they can lose track of the filament status and fall short of the amount needed to complete a print.

This 3D printer filament feed system translates, quantifies, tracks, and treats 3D printer filament during the additive manufacturing process. The system measures the linear movement of filament while dispensing it to a printer and calculates the amount of used and unused filament in real time . Modular, stackable and portable, the new system works with existing 3D printers and can be included in the manufacturing of new 3D printers.

Key Benefits

o Increases productivity/output
o Limits production interruption through material monitoring
o Modular


o Linear metering (or movement) of 3D printer
o Tracking/storing amounts of 3D printer filament remaining on reels
o Fused deposition 3D Printers

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