We have developed precise orientation and location solutions that achieve tactical grade IMU performance using OTS IMUs and advanced compensation and calibration algorithms.


Plextek has extensive experience of innovating and designing products for high precision position measurement based on the fusion of RF, Radar, and GNSS data, and interfacing these systems across a wide range of standard and custom wireless communication protocols. We have also analysed the use of optical sensors as an additional means of providing orientation data.

We have developed precise orientation and location devices that achieve tactical-grade IMU performance (for defence applications), that are small enough to be worn or carried unobtrusively by individuals. In this work, we have utilised commercial grade IMUs, and designed advanced compensation and calibration algorithms to integrate the data.

To meet this specific challenge we propose the utilisation of an aggregate and averaged algorithm to achieve high accuracy measurement of orientation. Utilisation of multiple IMU sensors per axis will aid the averaging of errors in measurement. Moreover, by introducing intermediate axis at a 45° degree offset from the default x, y, z axis, we expect to increase the resolution of the measurement. We will utilise innovative algorithms to integrate the various sensor inputs, and calculate high resolution angular measurement. The design will therefore achieve high precision orientation and location while utilising commercial grade IMUs. Although battery life might sometimes be an issue, we have developed protocols to minimise energy use, allowing devices to be run from standard batteries for several days of usage without recalibration.

Our team of experts have extensive knowledge in the design and calibration of such systems. We have extensive experience of wireless connectivity (BLE, in particular), in order to allow devices to communicate with smart phones.

In addition we have a small-scale manufacturing capability supported by an industrial design team to ensure the manufacturability of our designs. As such we have the capability to develop a solution, manufacture, test, and calibrate each unit delivered.

Key Benefits

Our technology has been developed for multiple applications, in exacting applications such as the defence sector. It is therefore low-risk.

The technology is based on Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) IMUs, and is therefore low-cost.

The data from the IMU’s is integrated using innovative compensation and calibration algorithms which ensure location and orientation data to a high degree of accuracy.

We have extensive experience of developing technologies from concept to manufacture for a range of organisations, and understand the commercial pressures.


Positioning and orientation information for defence and emergency services, health and fitness applications, commercial transport systems, amongst many.

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