Simple system for any level of health and wellbeing, from increasing levels of physical activity, weight management, supporting those with hypertension, asthma, diabetes, COPD &CVD


Activ8rlives is a connected, cloud-based solution with a range of fitness, wellness and medical monitors for people aged 6-85+.
Our mission is to activate people to know more about their health and/or health conditions, to be confident and knowledgeable about managing these and to have the motivation to make changes where needed.
The Activ8rlives app is available free of charge on iOS, Android and Amazon's Kindle Fire. The Activ8rlives app connects to a range of dedicated medical monitors and is itself a Class I medical device.
The Activ8rlives cloud has a clinical portal to enable remote management and monitoring of any number of clients, employees or patients.
Aseptika Ltd is certified to ISO 13485:2016 and Cyber Essentials Plus. Activ8rlives exceeds NHS Data Security and Protection Level 2 standards and is GDPR compliant. All data is held within England (UK Cloud).
Activ8rlives is a fitness.wellbeing solution already certified as a medical device.

Key Benefits

Empower the patient to self-care to ease the burden on healthcare providers and reduces health insurance payouts.


Healthcare for those with or at risk of developing long-term healthconditions.

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