AdHash has fundamentally redesigned the ad tech infrastructure in order to enable ad trading that is based entirely on first-party data and contextual signals.


AdHash combines industry-leading text-based and image-based contextual intelligence with real-world data signals, such as changes in stock prices, weather, and sport events to understand the full context of your audience and deliver targeting that is privacy-focused, accurate, and can deliver at scale.

This unlocks infinite possibilities in applying deterministic contextual and real-world data as a more effective future-proof alternative to the third-party cookie and behavioural targeting.

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Key Benefits

- AdHash reduces the existing advertising commission by a factor of 25. Down from 70 to 3%.
- Our ads are served over 20x quicker than the competition’s.
- We use two orders of magnitude fewer server requests.
- Our discrepancy rate is 10x lower than our closest competitor’s.
- And all the data AdHash reports is updated in seconds, rather than in hours or days.


Our target market is the open internet. We hate seeing paywalls, we hate seeing publishers going out of business, but most of all, we hate being turned from consumers into products by the surveillance economy. We want to keep the open internet free and accessible for all.

Our clients are advertising agencies, advertisers, and publishers.

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