An innovative software enabling universites to find and know their applicants better using data intelligence. Enhancing efficiency, enrolment and creating predictable success.


For Universities, it is critical to "really know" their applicants, and serve them in a timely and efficient manner. The existing system is very long-winded, typically taking 4-15 weeks to respond to applications with a hazy definition of the "best-fit". This causes increased workload for staff, poor student experience and increasing dropouts. These pains were further highlighted in COVID times where the financial pressure was added to the mix and regulators increased compliance on dropouts and visa rejections. The higher education sector was looking for a way to save cost and bring efficiency to their processes.

On the other hand, the recruitment of high revenue-generating international students are overly dependent on middlemen (agents) costing universities millions (£183m in 2018-19- the UK, BUILA report 2021) and lost revenues due to visa rejections.


With our existing know-how while working with over 100 universities helping them recruit quality international students via our proprietory matchmaking platform, we further developed the software- Zilter for the university to solve the very problem by:

- Automated eligibility checker
- Automated and personalized student interview assessment
- Application scoring and predicted outcome
- Automated communication and sales gateway
- Access to international student pool
- Data insight

This one-of-its-kind cloud-based software is fully GDPR compliant and could be used as a standalone tool or integrated seamlessly with existing CRM/ Student management systems like Salesforce, SAP or Microfost Dynamics.

Looking for partners:

We are looking for forward-thinking universities for technical collaboration to pilot the software solution for free and get exclusive access.

Key Benefits

- Improved revenue;
- Application-to-decision and response in 20 minutes as opposed to weeks;
- Improved offer-to-acceptance rate;
- Reduced dropout rate;
- Improved visa success/ enrollment rate;
- The reduced manual workload for the admissions team;
- Better student and staff experience/ wellbeing;
- Exclusive access to 45,000 quality international students (growing 36% month on month).


The current application of the software is designed for Universities and large education institutions including schools.

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