"Second Skin"-type sensor fusion system. Sensors "morph" with the body → extreme sensitivity & responsiveness coupled to real-time process speeds and sub-micron precision.


On-skin wearable sensor-fusion technology combining a self-adhesive, hair-thin, unnoticeable, ultra-sensitive film sensor (volumetric change) and an a 9 DoF Inertial Measurement System (accerlerometry).

Clinical tests have indicated that the unprecedented high resolution of the Remote Patient Monitoring system allows to pinpoint and quantify early signs of Asthma/COPD.
Also other events such as coughing, clearing the airways, sneezing etc can be accurately distinguished.

Key Benefits

It brings a much needed technology jump in terms of hyper-accuracy and sensitivity into respiratory sensory domains. These domains are now slowed down by traditional sensors systems, which have reached their absolute physical potential and hence are now very close to their technological development ceilings.

In this dark era of respiratory related pandemic waves the Bainisha system offers the potential to break through the technological stalemate and dramatically expand & improve respiratory monitoring (especially for RPM)


“Body Integrated" high definition respiratory measurements have many other applications besides 24/7 tele-monitoring of outbound patients

- Condition monitoring in Intensive Care Units.
- Establishing "Normal/Natural Breathing Rate" in preparation of Radio therapy
- Respiratory Motion Management for Proton and Photon Radiotherapy of Lung Cancer
- Managing “breathing intentions” in function of forced breathing support (mechanical ventilation)
- Advanced sports analytics
- Stress management programs based on breathing exercises
- Smokers cessation programs

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