New microfiltration modules could be used to eliminate pre-treatment units in water/wastewater treatment. Costs of existing filtration plants could be reduced up to 60%.


Membrane filtration systems are commonly used for water and wastewater treatment. Polymeric Micro Filtration (MF) and Ultra Filtration (UF) modules are utilized for filtration. These modules have few limitations due to material of construction. Typically modules get replaced in each 3 years and replacement costs can contribute up to 25% of total costs. Applications of these MF/UF systems are restricted due to use of polymeric substances as material of construction.

New microfiltration module uses developed inorganic material. Thus these modules can withstand aggressive chemical cleanings and life of membrane could be increased up to 15+ years. Solid liquid separation with higher feed parameters could be achieved successfully. Hence conventional pre-treatment could be replaced by membrane filtration units. Higher solid removal efficiency could be achieved in lower space and downstream polishing units as sand, carbon filters could be eliminated.

Existing MF/UF systems could be replaced using these modules to reduce replacement costs. Operational pre-treatment units could be decommissioned and better treatment efficiency could be achieved. This alteration needs lower space as compared to pre-treatment units and it can free up space for industries.

Key Benefits

The solutions could be integrated easily with operational treatment plants or membrane filtration systems. It would increase the membrane life by 200 – 300%. Overall operational costs could be reduced up to 40 – 60%.


1) Seawater Desalination and Water/Wastewater Treatment Plants – Reduce footprint and operational costs
2) Replacement of existing MF/UF units to extend membrane life

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