Our company develops drones with embedded intelligence for autonomous decision making to reduce accident risks with requirements and costs compatible with the customer's needs.


Our company was born with the group's experiences in the development of customized drones for operation in precision agriculture. We have not only prototype drones for specialized imaging and spraying in agriculture, but also the on-board intelligence to allow the drone to have situational awareness to avoid accident situations and facilitate operation. Our current drone designs can be evolved to meet your company's specific needs. Our focus on agriculture means that our costs are very competitive.

Key Benefits

One of the biggest difficulties of current drones is the flight time and the difficulties of piloting in complex environments. Our electric drones are evolving towards hybrid motorization and the on-board intelligence allows us to adapt the drone's behavior according to the mission. This means that the drone accomplishes the mission with a pilot following it, but without the need for manual flight, and that the drone can change the route and the mission if necessary. We can continually evolve the solution and change flight time, behavior and payload according to customer requirements.


Our solutions aim at customized drones for different needs. We believe that drones should be as small as possible at a cost just necessary to meet requirements. The payload can be a camera or payload for transport. We adapt the propulsion system, onboard intelligence, sensors and communication as required.

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