A product that is driving the market to a new way of thinking when it comes to food packaging. Made from renewable resources, agricultural waste, our packaging can achieve the same


envoPAP makes better use of abundant agricultural waste to create high-quality, environmentally friendly and ecologically viable printing and packaging products.

Using one agricultural waste material we can make create packaging products to suit a range of different industry/consumer needs, with a focus on food packaging to reduce plastic waste and slow the rate of deforestation and biodiversity loss.

Our envoPAP packaging has an agricultural waste base and is coated with an environmentally friendly material for water resistance as well as oil and grease. The end-of-life of our material is recyclable, compostable and biodegradable with a 28% lower carbon emissions than wood-based one.

We aim to solve several interconnected problems

The issue of increasing plastic waste, including that generated from packaging materials;
The increasing rate of deforestation and biodiversity loss; and
The pollution caused by the burning of agricultural waste.

Hardening public attitudes against plastic waste (the ‘Attenborough effect’);
Sustainability requirements increasing throughout the packaging value chain;
Sustainable packaging a high priority for both consumers/FMCG companies;

Key Benefits

Today, with plastic being a huge problem to the environment, envoPAP is developing its product to replace this material, with a main focus in the food packaging area.

Our proposed solution would allow us to replace tree-based or plastic packaging in the food industry. By providing the same benefits of the former to protect food, we are adding a feature of making our design compostable with other food waste and completely biodegradable using agro-based material.
It is the materials that are used in our invention that sets us apart from the current products in the market.

By replacing the current materials with our envoPAP product, the customer will be able to save on trees, reduce their carbon emissions and know that the end-of-life of the product has no harm on the planet. This will empower the consumer’s experience at M&S as they will be aware that product they are buying limits its environmental impact.


Food packaging:
Sandwich wraps
Bakey bags
Shopping Bags
Patisserie wraps
Sugar pouches

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