Creation of a network (distributed) consulting service for the mass development, manufacture and use of intelligent generators of educational content.


The main trend in modern education is the use of adaptive online technologies in the digital educational environment. The use of such technologies entails an increased need for the volume and variety of educational materials. These materials should be personalized for each student, structured by topic, complexity and other characteristics, and at the same time have methodological homogeneity.
The existing systems for the formation of educational content, which are usually based on the extraction of materials from databases, are difficult to use and do not provide the necessary volume and quality of content. Publicly available technology for mass production of personalized training materials in the form of automatic generation based on subject simulation models of training modules (projects) is proposed. The use of available applications of any level of complexity - from C ++ to MS Office, in combination with simple techniques, makes it possible to develop and produce generators of educational materials for any performer - from IT professionals to school teachers (for their classes).
To promote and commercialize the technology, e-manuals are initially developed to train special groups of teachers and IT specialists. After training, these groups form a centralized service that develops and creates thematic generators of educational materials, produces these materials and provides support to teachers using these materials.
The network (distributed) version of consulting is used, when consultants are recruited from the clients after appropriate training, working in conjunction with a centralized service.
Consulting includes the following types of work: training and consulting on technology and methodology for generating educational content, the actual development of educational generators, customer support in the design and manufacture of generators, research and advanced development of intelligent content generators.

Key Benefits

The imitated generated content is extremely diverse, structured by subject matter, complexity and other criteria while being methodically homogeneous.
The content is generated automatically in real-time, does not require databases and a large calculation resource.
Generation technology is available to a wide range of users. A teacher can quickly and easily develop a personalized task generator tailored to the needs of both the student and the teacher.
The resulting content of the new generation provides additional opportunities for a creative approach to didactics and the organization of the educational process.


Project "AI-based Content Generation for Training, Research and E-Commerce Systems"

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