In Aviget, we have developed a solution which improves the customer experience while significantly lowering customer service costs by means of utilisation of automated chatbots.


Aviget is a travel technology software start-up. Our Airline Digital AI Assistant turns chat platforms into the channel for customer service and retail. It enables airlines to provide a fully scalable, immediate and instant customer assistance available 24/7. Our platform lets airline passengers to receive an answer to any question automatically, set up price alerts, search for lowest fares, do the online check-in, receive flights updates and in case of flight disruption, allows to acknowledge/rebook/refund affected flights, either via chat, email or SMS.

Key Benefits

The Airline Digital AI Assistant provides a fully scalable solution for immediate and instant customer assistance. The airline will benefit from significantly lower customer service costs and increased reputation. It will also result in decreased distribution costs as it can attract more passengers to create a direct booking, bypassing the 3rd party such as travel agents. Finally, it is also opportunity to create a new distribution channel which will contribute in generating more direct and ancillary revenue.

For our clients, using of Airline Digital AI Assistant will have the following benefits:
• Costs reduction in customer service - our bot will act as the first level of support, able to answer passengers any questions, requiring less staff
• Cost Saving - a decrease of fees to paid to ground handlers and GDS providers, as more passengers will do the online check-in and book directly with the airline, skipping the middle-man.
• Automated rebooking process - during the disruption, the passengers will be notified via bot allowing them to accept/rebook or get a refund without the need to wait for call centre answer
• Approach new customers - by allowing the passengers to set price alerts and search for lowest fares, which can be easily shared among friends and family, the bot can attract passengers who wouldn't book with the airline otherwise.

This would result in the following effects:
• Improved passenger's experience
• More direct bookings
• Increased reputation
• Improved Customer Support
• Cost savings
• Acquisition of new customers


Airline Secort
OTAs, Bus/Rail operators

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