We allow innovative organisations to gather and analyse product feedback quickly and at scale, finding the valuable ‘unknown unknowns’ in the data where improvements can be made.


Wordnerds is a SaaS platform offering NLP and linguistics-based text analysis, which we combine with social listening to offer organisations unparalleled insight into their market.

What makes our platform so powerful in product development is its unique ability to offer third level insight - the granular details that you weren’t expecting, and on which you can take immediate action.

First level insight is the category of feedback - the issues you know will be addressed and which you want to track, for example ‘taste’, ‘smell’, ‘appearance’ etc.

Second level insight is sentiment, the level of positivity or negativity attached to those categories.

And that’s as far as most text analysis platforms will take you.

Wordnerds uses a unique combination of machine learning and computational linguistics to offer third level insight - the diverse and unpredictable topics that make up those themes, and the sentiment attached to each topic.

All of this valuable information is processed within minutes of free text feedback data being uploaded to the platform - or in real time when connected to the data source via API - to allow dramatic increases in product development speed.

Key Benefits

- Automating product feedback analysis through machine learning to provide actionable insights quickly and at scale
- Using computational linguistics to reveal the ‘unknown unknowns’ in the data, so that analysis of results isn’t biased by product developer expectations
- Input API available to allow real time processing of results
- Full access to live data from Twitter/Amazon and other key platforms for feedback on products already in the market
- Sentiment accuracy of 93% within one category (vs. 78% for Google NLP)


We work with major supermarkets in the UK, who use our platform to understand customer feedback through multiple channels and act on it quickly.

For example, one retailer knew from its previous platform that there was an issue with flower deliveries, as it could track falling sentiment in that category, but it couldn’t understand the exact problems in order to rectify them. Passing the same data through the Wordnerds platform instantly gave them “box...wet”, “flowers...squashed” and “stems...broken” as frequently occurring topics - with extreme negative sentiment attached to each of them - clear issues which they were able to address immediately.

We also worked with product reviews for a baby product company, who simply didn’t have time to read and respond to all reviews so they prioritised the negative ones. However, by doing so they were missing valuable product feedback. For example, the Wordnerds platform allowed them to see suggestions for product improvements from customers who loved everything about one particular product except the “loud beep”, and as a result they added a volume control to future-proof the product.

“With the assistance of the Wordnerds platform, we were very quickly able to uncover a recurring product improvement voiced by multiple parents, aimed at one of our best selling products that yielded an impressive average star rating of 4.6/5 stars.

“Until we enlisted the help of Wordnerds the same suggestions had gone unnoticed due to the fact that the suggestions were hidden in normally satisfactory reviews.

“We took that insight and fed it into our product development team who were able to develop an improved version supported by real-life customer data, future proofing the product for years to come.” - Consumer Feedback Manager

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