Our AI naturally converses with your customers, listening to their needs and preferences and then providing individually personalised recommendations.


Our intelligent interface behaves like your best salespeople: asking the right questions at the right time, providing personalised recommendations and giving visitors the crucial assurance that converts them to buyers.

Enable dynamic conversations directly with the customer using a simple and easy to understand question and answer interface which determines their needs.

Gather a customer’s individual needs and preferences, and use these to guide them to personalised recommendations.

Empower the customer to buy through refining the customer’s options to a manageable quantity.

Educating the customer about product options and features in a personalised way that resonates.

Assuring the customer that the product’s features address their requirements.

The Intelligent Interfaces platform is designed to easily integrate with any e-commerce stack, from product feeds, APIs, direct CMS integrations to remarketing and retargeting partners, to help you maximise the value of the detailed profile data generated.

Additional use cases for the data include:

- Deep insight into customer intent and product set analysis
- Remarketing and retargeting – allowing hyper targeting
- Email marketing
- Management analytics integration
- Live chat (both text and video)

Key Benefits

Across our existing clients we see on average:

- 8% increase in total sales performance

We drive an average increase (across all site sales) of 8%. The platform is responsible or on average 25% of all sales driven across our clients websites.

-22% increase in AOV (average order value)

The guided journey educates customers in the benefits of the premium products which will best fit their requirements.

- 54% increase in NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Our technology improves customer satisfaction and drives measurable increase across all CSAT and loyalty KPI’s.

- 42% increase in Accessories and related product bundling

The guided journeys also supports bundling and accessories, combining to drive uplift in AOV.


Our technology is perfectly suited to those purchases when a customer may suffer from "choice paralysis".

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