We use ai to curate the content of recurring email newsletters so that each subscriber gets the content that is most relevant to him/her.


Partner with rasa.io to send industry-relevant news to your customers every day. We identify top industry content sources and use artificial intelligence to send the most relevant articles to each individual member. No two emails are the same, as rasa.io Artificial Intelligence evolves to send individualized content specific to each customer's interests. Use the AI insight rasa.io gathers to inform your organization's content strategy.

Key Benefits

Customers will see you as a relevant source of cutting-edge industry news and information. Our emails are custom-branded by your organization, so the result is frequent customer engagement with your organization's brand. This frequent newsbrief engagement results in intense brand loyalty, a platform for increased monetization, and a tool you can use to effectively deliver your important news and updates. Use rasa.io to foster loyalty, and start engaging your customers today.


Customer engagement/communications

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