Using in-store video cameras with AI video analytics for visitor managment including customer greeting, queue time measurement, wait time analysis.


IronYun is the next generation AI vision and big data video analytics software company. We provide enterprise customers with real-time AI vision analytics platform for the management of retail, safety and physical security.

IronYun Vaidio video analytics software platform can provide many in-store customer service enhancement use cases including the following:

1. Customer demographics analysis (gender, age)
2. Face recognition for customer greeting and vistor management
3. In-store visitor data analytics of wait time, heat map, people counting
4. In-store security
5. AI voice recognition skills development using Amazon echo for customer service delivery.

Key Benefits

With the application of AI video and audio analytics, the in-store customer service experience can be improve and enhanced with AI for better and faster services.


In store customer service applications.

In store physical security applications.

in store customer marketing metrics.

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