IronYun's commercially ready AI vision analytics software platform works with any IP cameras. The software platform collects visiting time, heatmap, and many other marketing KPIs.


The IronYun Vaidio AI Vision Platform delivers next-generation artificial intelligence to monitor and analyze real-time and video files. Vaidio can search, monitor, alert, and analyze video with 30+ AI-enabled video analytics on a single platform. Vaidio offers higher accuracy, faster performance, and more functionality than legacy solutions. IronYun is the next generation AI 2.0 vision and big data vision analytics software company. We provide enterprise customers with real-time AI vision analytics management software. IronYun AI 2.0 vision technology is based on advanced deep learning behavior and self-learning AI algorithms. IronYun developed advanced auto learning AI vision software that can learn the user's environment and automatically adapt AI analytics algorithms for the specific customer scenarios. The AI vision analytics are deployed in various industries including banks, corporate campuses, government buildings, retail stores, power plants, school campuses, public transportation, stadiums and international airports.

Key Benefits

IronYun's next generation AI 2.0 Vaidio product has three main benefits. 1. Highest accuracy (50% more accurate), speed performance (80% faster) and comprehensive features. 2. Easy-to-use, Easy-to-deploy, flexible business models from edge IoT, server and cloud based AI analytics software architecture. 3. Best value. Lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership); typical 30% less cost.


Visitor management applications.

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