A health and nutrition personalization solution for retailers, allowing anyone to shop according to their health needs without any knowledge of nutrition or ingredients.


AlgoCart is developing AI-powered health & nutrition personalization technology for retailers, that solves the issue of misguidance in healthy eating. We do this by completely eliminating the need of the shopper to sift through products, filter them and understand nutritional attributes when shopping online or in the store. Our solution helps shoppers optimize their basket for a range of use-cases such as 'healthy heart', 'sugar levels', 'immune system', 'sports nutrition', and dozens of other nutritional concerns, in a seamless, zero-friction way.

Key Benefits

- Improve customer loyalty through a unique experience around health and nutrition
- Add a revenue stream with healthy product discovery and placement (supplementing the basket)
- Have a next-gen health and nutrition offering


Our solution can be implemented in the online store, physical store, app, coupon website, etc.

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