Using our patented, all natural encapsulation technology, origanum vulgate inhibits fungal growth on strawberries and other produce.


NuVessl’s patented nano encapsulation technology effectively delivers origanum vulgare in an all natural, simple and efficacious manner inhibiting macroscopic final growth for up to 4 days versus untreated produce. There are also many other anti-fungal, bacterial and pest control applications for encapsulated origanum vulgare. Encapsulation requires less of the active ingredient, timed release and enhanced delivery.

Key Benefits

Using our patented encapsulation technology, macroscopic growth was inhibited for up to 4 additional days on produce. NuVessl’s technology allows hundreds of active ingredients to be delivered faster with higher bioavailability and in new delivery modes. We are all natural, simple to integrate in current manufacturing and extremely cost effective. Technology is currently employed in functional beverages, skincare and pet care.


Skincare, companion animals, functional beverages, health and wellness, agriculture

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