Kits to target adult seasonal & indoor allergies, deluxe allergy kits & child kits. The kits would provide one stop shopping for allergy needs w/OTC meds and products.


Each individual kit would include OTC medications (including oral, eye, nasal), neti pot, saline solution, educational DVD and app login that would provide up to date allergy information based on zip code (whats in bloom, pollen count, board certified allergists nearby, med reminder & alert system ). The child kit would be the same with child appropriate medications. The deluxe kit would include more high priced extras like mattress and pillow covers.

Key Benefits

No need for customers to search for each individual item. DVD to provide clear allergy preventative lessons and treatment. Discount pricing to bundle purchase. App to provide real time allergy data for your area.


Can be marketed to adults or children (6+) suffering from indoor or outdoor allergies.

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