The automated contact center through AI enables call center management to receive and respond to the queries through humanoid system. It helps them saving HR cost.


There is a notable issue in customer care contact centers where there is a huge communication gap between the clients and the organization's representatives because of inappropriate responses and long queue of calls. The current setups of contact centres are not just expensive but also cannot meet customer’s expectations. Currently some organizations are trying to overcome this issue by using Chatbots which isn't effective enough because some setups are using Chatbots with the help of human’s which cannot make any sort of difference in the end. If these Chatbots work on their own that are not smart enough because there are only few pre-assigned values or answers are stored in knowledgebase which can never be helpful in all cases. We are presenting humanoid system with a mind, which could be prepared for this type of process.

The proposed system addresses number of challenges in the call center industry including: retention of Customer Relation Officers (CROs), recruitment of new human resources, training and development's cost and time, equipment purchase and maintenance cost, behavioral impact etc. The humanoid system will facilitate the contact center management to stay alive for 24/7 with low cost spent on their maintenance services. The system technological advancements will not only produce accurate results with minimal cost but efficient with digital dashboard to take strategic decisions. It will help the companies to enhance their customer satisfaction followed by higher retention and further customer acquisition.

Key Benefits

-Low cost, reduced time and energies to be consumed in managing the contact center
-Higher customer satisfaction
-Higher customer retention
-Higher customer acquisition


The automated contact center's system can be deployed in the customer support centers of different companies belonging to diverse sectors where the frequency of inbound calling is higher than a conventional business corporation. It includes; telecommunication companies, food and beverages, hospitals, educational institutes, public sector organizations for public support etc.

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