We provide Banks & Financial Institutions with a software solution that allows them to offer online investment advise to small and medium clients profitably


Wealth managers around the globe are seeing their profit margins decrease due to increased regulation as well as increased customer centricity demands. Within the current traditional advisory model, Banks & Financial Institutions are not able to service non- High Net Worth Individual. With Anachron’s solution the bank will be able to offer an automated online advisory service, that offers the client a 24/7 client experience that decreases their costs dramatically. A Hybrid model is also available for countries where online client onboarding is not yet allowed. Current Banking KYCs and Risk Assessment tools take into consideration Risk Aversion, Risk Tolerance & Investment Experience. At Anachron we take it one step further, as we assess optimism and self control, in line with the latest behavioral psychological research. Anachron Technologies does not provide the investment advice itself. We personalize the bank’s own investment advice and provide it to the customer in a world class client experience. Anachron Technologies does not require regulatory approval in most countries around the world as we partner with already established institutions.

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