We provide services for the low-latency, remote control of any robot, in any environment and controlled from anywhere in the world. Contact us below to learn more.


Our software is the only commercially available platform that can control any robot, anywhere in the world, from any operating system, and irrespective of the robot manufacturer, sensor setup, or body configuration.

Not only are robot developers finally able to program robots from any platform, including desktop, mobile, and browser-based platforms, but they can do so with the lowest latency in the market. Our software opens up new markets and use-cases for robots at home and in business.

Key Benefits

For robot developers - we provide the only platform that can be used to develop and sell robot-agnostic applications

For robot manufacturers - we provide a platform that can decrease your time to market by over a year and provide your robot with access to pre-existing Animus-enabled apps for your residential and business customers

For robot owners - we are the only platform where owners are assured that the applications they buy will also work when upgrading robots, even if upgrading to a different manufacturer or body shape altogether


- Fully remote and low latency, full-body teleoperation of robots in hazardous and hard to reach environments for nuclear decommissioning, bomb disposal and other hazardous environments.

-Enabling other companies to develop robot applications such as robot concierges and waiters for the catering industry, exhibition robots for conferences and medical robots for healthcare

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