APA is a disruptive technology based on an innovative distributed strategy of implementation, to eliminate harmful pollutants everywhere, acting at surface level.


APA - Air Pollution Abatement technology is the 1st certified and qualified filter-less solution that cleans and controls the ambient air, acting at the surface level. The applications are at the service of industrial sites and workplaces, urban spaces, commercial and residential areas, effective indoors and outdoors against PM, PAH, light hydrocarbons, VOC, Heavy Metals, NOx, SOx, CO, CO2, CH4, O3, viruses, bacteria, pollen and spores. The Total Costs of Ownership are very low since APA technology just uses water with little maintenance and simple replacement and 0 waste, due to the safe "rain-like" processed water, 7-10 (average) fewer energy consumptions for an (average - standard) airflow of 3000 m3/h and the "switch on-off" option to further reduce costs. It also acts as a smart platform integrating an Intelligent Environmental Sensors monitoring System (IESS), IoT, AI and providing multiple services (wifi, advertisement, info & communications, payments, movies, etc.) and cloud-based, real-time data. APA is modular, flexible and scalable, multi-shape and multi-functions, easy to install "as is" or embedded in new or existing infrastructures, ideally in a configuration of a distributed cluster of pollution absorbers to increase the overall remediation. APA Large, Special, Panels and Totems have already achieved TRL 8-9 whereas special urban furniture (vases, bus stops, street lamps, benches…), some industrial new applications (APA Air Handling Units, APA Redox and APA CO2) are in TRL lower as 6-7 and ongoing to be realized. Last but not least the interior design solutions (desks, drawers, armchairs) and wearable new additional systems are into the prototyping phases for the next launch on the markets, even answering to the new needs into private and public offices and locals and domestic environments. The sound know-how, 18 patents, 4 utility models and 2 trademarks, 28 inventions and an agile business model integrating the value chain support the scale-up across the verticals worldwide. BAT - Best Available Technology (EU Directive - IPCC 2008/1/CE), KET - Key Enabling Technology validations, “Solar Impulse Foundation” labeled as an Efficient Solution, 4 "Seals of Excellence" and "Horizon 2020 - SME Instrument Phase 2", many other grants and awards confirm APA as a concrete innovation at the service of people and environment, able to transform urban spaces, working sites and buildings in better places to live and work (and breathe), safer and more inclusive, productive and attractive. Today more than 90% of the world breathes unsafe air with costs of inaction reaching $ 1.6 T in Europe only (WHO). The traditional "air purification" business values around € 800 B on a global scale (OECD), but mainly regarding filters, ESP and scrubbers active differently, only at the source of the effluents or on the points of emission, instead of to purify the air where we breathe, and where we immediately need. The ambient air is now the emergency, additionally as follows the epidemiologic emergency COVID – 19, and the new European initiatives as the EC New Green Deal, the normative frame and the new investments are increasing accordingly, to address these new needs for people and planet. APA - Air Pollution Abatement technology is strongly qualified and the only one certified first mover, in this scenario, covered by a wide intellectual property and many patents granted.

Key Benefits

- Creating extensively better places to live and work (and breathe) everywhere, as safer spaces, thanks to the innovative and efficient ambient air cleaning technology - Low running costs, savings and reduction of costs and expenses for maintenance and tech assistance - A mew solution to solve human issues like climate change and sustainability, and to prevent and protect people's health, even for well - being in each area of implementation - ESG and Circular Economy compliant


- Industries and workplaces - Urban areas, indoor and outdoor - Smart buildings - Offices and locals, schools, Universities and other similar spaces

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