APA is the first technology in the world which uses only simple water (no filters at all) and mechanical processes to reduce up to 99% of a wide range of pollutants in the air.


ISCLEANAIR pursues the technological development, the IP (intellectual property) transfer, the industrialization and commercialization of the APA (Air Pollution Abatement) technology which uses only simple water and mechanical processes to reduce up to 99% of particulate matter and a wide range of chemical and gaseous pollutants in the air we all breathe.
The APA technology, which has 24 patents granted in the main industrial countries of the world and a wide operational know-how, does not use filters nor chemicals and has been certified for the ability to remove nanoparticles up to 20 nm (much smaller dimensions than Sars Cov 2 - Coronavirus).
APA technology is versatile, flexible and highly scalable, applicable to a wide variety of environments, both for industrial applications and in urban spaces; in addition, the application methodology distributed in the spaces of use (cluster model) has also been patented, which allows APA to be used with a number of modular installations depending on the customer needs, even in large networks of air purification systems, both indoor and outdoor.
In addition to significantly reducing air pollution, bringing practical medium / long-term benefits for all stakeholders, the APA technology allows the reduction of energy consumed by the Air Treatment Units placed at the service of buildings and, at the same time, eliminates and kills the viruses and bacteria present in the air together with dust, pollen and spores; this allows, timely prevention of the risks of contamination, protect the users of the spaces treated and limit the spread of diseases that are transmitted by air. Thus, significantly contributing to restoring confidence in the use of internal spaces (buildings , hotels and all similar spaces) making them healthier and safer. APA therefore stands, in these terms, with the uniqueness of proposing itself as a TRIPLE WIN solution, significantly differentiating from all other technologies in the sector; in fact APA is recognized as "Best Available Technology - BAT" (for its action to reduce atmospheric pollution), a CLASS 1 - EC medical device (for its ability to protect people's health), and as an efficient and profitable solution. For the latter we are part of the SOLAR IMPULSE FOUNDATION (labeled and member solution), achieving 100% positive technical evaluations by independent experts, as APA is fully sustainable and consistent with the principles and paradigms of the Circular, socio-environmental and governance (ESG) economy and with numerous relevant Sustainable Development Goals in accordance with the United Nations programs.

Key Benefits

Compared to traditional filter-based competitor products, APA provides five main differentiating benefits:
1. By operating just with water, does not require expensive filter replacement and frequent maintenance;
2. Can abates particles of much smaller size (nano-size) of those from competitors, reducing impact on health, limiting obstruction of ATU filters and abating both particles and chemicals/gaseous pollutants simultaneously;
3. The effectiveness and rate of abatement does not detriment with time, as happen for filters, this is because the water of APA maintain the same ability to abate pollutants overtime.
4. It is fully certified, qualified and validated by third independent parties;
5. It is a Best Available Technology (for abatement of pollutants), a medical device (CLASS 1 - EC certification) and 100% sustainable and compliance with Circular Economy paradigms. (evidence SOLARIMPULSE label and membership, mainly).
The type and variety of harmful air pollutants for humans and the environment are very wide and competitors struggle or are not able to abate simultaneously within the same technology particles and chemicals/gaseous pollutants. APA technology instead has demonstrated to be effective on the widest range of pollutants simultaneously, at a level of efficacy equal of higher than competitors achieve at individual pollutant levels.
APA is filter-less, versatile, scalable (we realize little systems of few hundreds of m3/h , up to special larger industrial systems with approx. 30000 m3/h); it uses only simple water and, in specific environments and climates (prone to freezing) may use small quantities of cheap «saline solutions».
APA water used to abate pollutants and viruses even after months of operation, has been certified to be comparable to rainfall, do not produce filter waste which competitors produce in large quantities (usually filters require special treatments and produce further impact on the environment).
From an energy and cost point of view, APA has very low operating and maintenance costs (OPEX) when compared with its “competitor” products (reduced Total Cost of Ownership - TCO) and, in particular:
A. Proven capacity to abate with significant results after days or weeks
B. Energy consumption up to 10 times lower than the average for competitors
C. Extremely reduced maintenance and limited physical interventions
D. Can be applied both indoor and outdoor
E. Versatile, since can be of any shape but also can be integrated or work together with existing ventilation systems and solutions, to increase the effectiveness of traditional systems and sensibly reduce their maintenance and operating costs.


Our technology is designed to operate independently and requires only power supply. Hence, we can easily deploy and run pilots as we have already done in many places working with business partners and service’s suppliers, indoor and outdoor, in different countries.
Our cluster approach (patented) allows to test and demonstrate the positive effects working on air cleaning cycles, from a single APA device to many or special configurations operating simultaneously. Once installed the independent standardized devices only need to refill water every 6-7 weeks (average) and change the water in the tank every 5-6 months (average). If devices are connected to the water main and drainage systems (or use the water coming from A/C systems) then is expected them are able to run completely independent for months and even years. We also have a remote monitoring system that can operate, control and switch on/off the system without physical human intervention.
In any case, our capabilities for IoT and monitoring solutions (complementary to APA technology and devices) are available as know – how to the benefit of the business partners, integrated in the value chain for piloting phases and commercial exploitation.
So far our customer acquisition strategy has been mainly driven by a technology led expansion, focusing on contracts with large corporates (ENI, Engie, COMAU) and strategic partnerships worldwide (US, India, Asia, Russia). In the last 4 years we have been awarded of over €6.5m projects and deployed more than 150 installations.
Our investment plan includes the development of interior solutions to then expand APA business also in the mass market and scale up production (industrialization).
In conclusion is important to highlith that, since the pandemic our technology has been used by many clients on different sectors (transport, offices, Education, hospitals, care homes) following recent Class 1 Medical Device certification.

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