Applied AI & Data Analytics

Applied Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics to monetise your underused data

An innovative suite of advanced Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics services for industry, integrating and validating key operational data & extracting maximum value.


We combine our optimisation and AI expertise to address your industry operational data. Assess your data management strategy, identify and close gaps, and verify data quality. Then apply our analytics to see where greater operational efficiencies can be found, and deploy our optimisation systems to save money. Specific Services: - Data management assessment - Data collection and validation - Data Analytics and AI - Energy, cost and operational optimisation - Customer sentiment and behaviour analytics - Expert consultancy

Key Benefits

Our advanced data analytics and optimisation tools allow companies extract maximum value from their data. The process begins with ensuring a logical, consistent and secure data collection infrastructure is in place. It continues by identifying gaps in the systems, such as communication vulnerabilities, and addressing them in collaboration with our customers. The value chain of our offering then reaches greatest potential using our leading-edge A2I Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics toolkit to mine the data for concealed patterns, understand predicted future behaviour, and deploy optimisation systems to ensure maximum value is obtained. We have core expertise in Energy - the inter-operation of conventional and renewable energy generation assets, storage systems, and loads. Customers can: - Save operational cost - Ensure data is collected and managed in a secure way - Address data gaps strategically - Systematically identify key operational risks and opportunities - Assess capital investment ideas / opportunities for expected returns


Examples of Application Areas include these sectors: - Manufacturers, Utilities & other Large Energy Users - Smart energy companies - Existing supply and generation companies - Renewable energy and storage system companies - Investors - Specialist electrical installation companies

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