AR: The Customer Journey

Augmented Reality Makes The Customer Journey Easier

Our AR app allows you to walk the customer through an environment with full 360-degree visualisation. Continued engagement can then be encouraged through online communities.


The ability of Augmented Reality to bring the digital world into the real world could have an impact as profound as the arrival of mobile or social media. That could leave most firms playing catch up, but for forward-thinking businesses, the future has arrived early. 4 Roads have developed an AR solution which provides users with a full 360-degree visualisation of their environment in which they can interact with. 4 Roads are then able to use their expertise in building first-class communities to encourage users to continue sharing their experiences using proven methods such as gamification.

Key Benefits

Companies can customise brand interactions and create a compelling experience for its customers. Traditional customer service and other client-facing retail roles can be enhanced or even replaced by AR.


Early adopters of this technology will have an edge over their competitors, as they will be able to develop new ways of servicing customers or change the way how a customer engages with a product in their physical space.

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