Chickpea flour and Pea Protein combination provide a taste neutral product for plant based solutions.


Artesa Textured Pulse Protein is a proprietary
blend of plant-based flour and protein that ‘engineers’ in better organoleptic,
nutrition and formulating properties. It is manufactured to tighter
specifications – with less variability – than any other textured protein on the
market today.

With Artesa Textured Pulse Protein, you can create products that are gluten and allergen-free and that have fewer – often unwanted – ingredients.
And, you can deliver a more meat-like experience.

Key Benefits

Provides meat like texture to plant based products.


Chicken Nuggets
• Chicken Patties
• Pizza topping (sausage crumble)
• Meatballs
• Burgers
• Sausage patties

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