The invention uses a novel assortment of illumination and digital micromirror devices to modulate spatial and angular content of light.


Angular Spatial Light Modulator (ASLM)

Tech ID: UA17-156

This invention is an Angular Spatial Light Modulator (ASLM) using a novel arrangement of illumination and digital micromirror devices (DMDs). The invention can simultaneously modulate spatial and angular content of light with a potential total bandwidth of 1Tera pixel-angle per second (1G in space and 1K in angle).

Optical systems control light spatially (the distribution of light on a single plane) and angularly (the propagation of light between planes). The current means of controlling light through the angular domain is limited because it relies on a motorized scanning mirror with a data rate 1,000 times smaller than a spatial light modulator. Therefore, a solution is needed to modulate both the angular and spatial domain without creating a bottleneck.

Key Benefits

- Much higher angular and spatial modulation rates
- Less expensive than mechanical scanners
- More compact than mechanical scanners
- More rugged and less vulnerable to failure


- Virtual reality or augmented reality displays
- Projectors

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