Harnessing technology and institutional experience, we build tools that streamline your investment process.


We help asset owners and advisors improve the timeliness, quality, and portfolio impact of their asset allocation decisions. Harnessing technology and institutional experience, we build tools that streamline your investment process. Our Vision Radically improve asset allocation decision-making Integrate strategic and tactical horizons Public and private markets Systematic and discretionary process Bring transparency to opacity Simplify complexity Problem You need to boost returns. In a recent Institutional Investor/AMP survey, this was the #1 problem of 46% of investors polled. Realised and projected asset class returns are unlikely to meet return targets. After costs, active management performance has been poor. Solution In real-time, we screen the opportunity set for the highest quality opportunistic allocations. We review and rate systematic alpha strategies. We provide robust back-test data to help you build conviction in ideas and size your risk appropriately. The result - more frequent, higher quality allocation decisions, and superior risk-adjusted portfolio performance. Problem You want to accelerate your asset allocation decision making. 35% of institutional investors report taking more than 6 months to decide to change asset allocations and to develop the strategy used to implement the change. The result - frequent missed opportunities. Solution Our consolidated, high quality insight dramatically shortens your decision making time-frames. Our visualisations point you to the highest quality strategic opportunities. Our tactical analytics provide guidance on timing. Our portfolio diagnostic helps you to evaluate the impact of any decision on your total portfolio efficiency. Due diligence time that would once have involved teams of analysts collecting and processing data, can now be radically shortened. Problem You need to make higher quality decisions by informing your choices with high calibre, independent research. Bottom line, you need credible asset allocation research. Solution Our product is grounded in decades of academic and commercial precedents, and the 25 years’ investment track record of our CEO. It fulfils the need for credible, institutional quality, independent content and tools. We show here some of the priors that we have leveraged off to design our product. Problem Your time is short and valuable. Managing the sheer volume and complexity of data is overwhelming. Integrating data sources is hard. The underlying message does not get through. Bottom line - you need to efficiently extract the signal from the noise. Solution We curate the highest quality data from public and private sources. Our sole goal - to provide instant, actionable macro and market insight, leaving you more time to take decisions and manage client relationships. Problem You are being pitched continually – from your colleagues, from external fund managers, and by the sell-side. Responding quickly and credibly is challenging. Solution We cover 237 global public markets. Our market specific dashboards and unique back-testing tools provide the smarts you need to respond to a pitch in an instant. We are an independent second pair of eyes for efficient due diligence. Problem It’s hard to integrate different investment horizons and different analytical frameworks. Solution Our visualisation software helps you easily identify sweet spots for opportunistic allocation. We overlay the tactical outlook onto strategic risk-adjusted return projections. Which markets are ripe for long-term investment/divestment and is the time to enter/exit right now? Bolt your own scenario analysis and stress test inputs onto our anchor quant framework, and evaluate the impact in an instant. The result - find markets that are attractive over the long run, make sense to enter right now, and can withstand the shocks you think are imminent. Problem Designing and maintaining sophisticated financial models is time-consuming and costly. When key staff leave, valuable research work and process is lost. Business continuity risk is high. Solution We build and deliver high quality strategic and tactical rules-based alpha strategies. Our strategy libraries provide you with implementable models. Raise your portfolio performance with our diversified, transparent alpha strategies. Or let us help you to streamline and enhance your existing model work-flows. Problem Risk management engines are backward looking. They tell a good story, but not about the future. You need a solution that puts risk in its' true context - the probability of not meeting your portfolio objectives in the face of the current market pricing and outlook. Solution All of our content is forward looking. Our portfolio diagnostic measures your existing active portfolio exposures relative to our forward looking analytics. We rate your portfolio's current composition in the context of your targets and our strategic and tactical analysis, and highlight market actions that can increase your overall portfolio efficiency. An interactive user interface links these ratings to the underlying market metrics that drive them.  

Key Benefits

Integrity - Our products are designed by experienced institutional investors with their own needs in mind Independence - We have no other agenda but to source best in breed data content from third party vendors User experience - Our mission is to solve complex problems beautifully

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