Automatic Energy Switching

Labrador automatically switches UK households to cheaper energy, hassle free.

Labrador offers a free service which automatically switches households to cheaper energy tariffs. Switches are based on data and saving are avg. £285. Signing up takes just 2 mins.


82% of UK households do not switch energy providers, overpaying £5 billion pounds every year on energy! has created a super easy and free service to help this problem to get consumer switching energy providers, saving them money and time, all automatically. Labradors' offer households to switch them to cheaper energy tariff. We have created a simple sign-up journey to sign up to our service, it only takes 2 minutes. We do not require for the customer to upload any previous energy bills, insert any meter numbers or other faff, we simply pull all relevant data from industry sources which we integrate into. This allows us to only ask customers for very few details in order to switch them to as many providers as possible. We are all about accuracy. Currently, over 60% of households using a comparison site to switch their energy with gets recommended the wrong tariff. This is due to the comparison sites not having access to household energy consumption data, like us. Furthermore, we have a Labrador Retriever device (also free of charge) which works with smart meters to establish a household actual energy consumption to ensure accurate switching based on their actual energy usage. If a household does not have a smart meter we can still offer them our service just as well as If they like to get a smart meter we can help switch to a provider which can provide this. When customers stay with traditional meter we use household consumption data from the past 20 years to establish the right tariff for them. Once a customer has signed up to Labrador we will within 48 hrs send them an email with details of the best available tariff, their saving and start the switching process. Once a customer is switched we continue to scan the market for even better tariffs and when we find one, we automatically switch them again. The customer will be notified by email and can decide to cancel the switch within 14 days. We only switch customers when their desired saving has been obtained, and they decide themselves how much that is. The saving will always be calculated after the potential exit fee, so the customers always get full value. A customer can decide to personalise their switch s well. So if they have a preference within green energy, customer service rating form their energy provider, don't want to be background checked, would like a fixed tariff, doesn't want exit fee with more. We can switch to most providers in the market (57 currently - all available to see on our website.) We provider more tariffs to switch to than any other free switching service.

Key Benefits

Labrador works with several partners across a number of industries which are using our service to engage and retain their customer ensuring they are saving them money and time. Our service saves a customer on average £285 on a first switch and really takes the hassle out of switching energy. At the same time, it gives peace of mind knowing that Labrador takes care of their energy. For a partner, we can really add value to their customers and at the same time drive revenue to the partner.


Industries we are working with at the moment and/or are looking for partnerships with: Banking (and other financial services) Insurance Newspapers and other magazines NHS or other health care businesses House related services Supermarkets TV/Broadband Utilities Water Companies Employee Benefits sites Deal/cashback sites Hospitality

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