This invention is an automatic simulation generator that uses real-time and historical data to construct highly detailed models for use in mining and other complex industries.


Real-Time Data Warehouse-Powered, Dynamically Generated Simulation System for Complex Processes

Tech ID: UA14-036

This invention is an automatic simulation generator that can construct highly detailed current or historical models developed for a generic mine. It works by compiling historic and real-time data in a data warehouse to create a highly detailed snapshot of a mine. This software solves a lot of problems with current systems. This software works to create complex algorithms and systems that can be tested with a high degree of accuracy by rapidly constructing simulation models from live or historical data warehouses.

Being able to generate simulation models is important to many industries because it helps assists companies in making strategic decisions. Most simulation models take time to build and are designed to answer very specific questions. This poses major challenges for industries that handle a lot of input data which needs to be processed quickly. In mining simulation models have to include data from many different sources (for example data sources from blasting, truck routes, equipment maintenance, mineral composition, etc.) and this makes building fast, accurate models difficult.

Key Benefits

- Uses a real-time data warehouse, combining both historical and real-time conditions to generate a simulation model with very high level of statistical detail
- Can be used for multiple applications
- Data warehouse techniques and dynamically generated simulation model permit rapid construction of highly detailed simulation models for tactical and strategic decision making


- Optimize and model operations within the mining industry
- Optimize and model operations within any industry with large complex processes, including but not limited to mechanical manufacturing, medical, agriculture, food production, chemical process, and engineering

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