BBV Mediaboard

New generation out of home advertising

New generation out of home advertising platform which allows for programmatic targeting of advertising outdoor like online.


Mediaboard is an integrated solution which combines high quality LED hardware, software and interface developed by our team. For our current outdoor project we used 9 meters high and 2.6 meters wide LED panels with pixel pitch 10 or 6.67 mm. Software that we developed allows us to remotely monitor working conditions of the on-board equipment (voltage, humidity, power status, temperature, hard drive status etc), as well as remotely update the content. The interface allows to simultaneously show social information and advertising content, which ensures longer eye contact of the audience with the screen. The content management system allows for automatic update of the content in both social and commercial zones based on external parameters, such as weather conditions, time of day, incoming data from search engines, social media and any other external data sources. The Mediaboard is equipped with an analytic tools to provide quantitative feedback to clients of targeted effectiveness of their advertising.

Key Benefits

Our product solves two problems: - Out of home advertising content targeting and measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. - Resolving the conflict between city authorities and out of home advertising media owners.


Mediaboard can be applied in the following ways: - Dynamic out of home advertising tool with programmatic targeting and analytical feedback capabilities to improve efficiency of advertising content - Financially self sustaining Smart City tool which allows city administration to communicate to city inhabitants

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