Banks add a bunch of fees and mark up the exchange rate when you spend or transfer money abroad. We don’t.


Credit with edge

We’re working with innovative partners so that Revolut can be a 21st century banking alternative for your entire financial life. Since 2014, our credit partner Lending Works has approved £50 million in loans and won a bunch of awards

Spend without fees

- When using the RevolutCard, you will get the real exchange rate and spending is always free

Transfer money globally

- Save up to 6% by sending money abroad with Revolut. Transfer 23 currencies to any bank, business or friend with the real exchange rate.

Get paid back

- Getting paid back has never been easier. Send and request money instantly for rent, dinner, holiday expenses, anything.

Track your expenses

- We'll categorise your purchases to show you exactly how much you're spending, on what, and where!

Next generation security

- Block and unblock your RevolutCard in a single tap and turn online, ATM or contactless payments on and off instantly.

Instant help

- Getting in touch with us is as easy as texting a friend. Our support is always available to help via the in-app chat!

Instant current account

- Open a free UK current account in 3 minutes, without a proof of address or credit check. Other countries are coming soon.

Unbeatable rates

- We use peer-to-peer lending to match individual lenders with people who want to borrow. This cuts out the banks entirely and means you could save on average 50% compared to your bank.

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