Bikeep micromobility platfrom is a turn key solution for both commercial and Municipal clients.


Bikeep platform combines different needs for micromobilty access. Bike parking in smart docks, smart lockers, and smart houses. Scooter parking and rentals with App-based access and payments.

Key Benefits

There are multiple key benefits to our solutions that solve different stakeholders intrests. The main feature is that we have made a common thing that is bike parking smart and secure. Our solutions help businesses and public areas to become more bike-friendly and therefore attract more cyclists. Different solutions can be set up with restricted access by an app or an access card, so that only specific people can use it, for example, your students, employees, or tenants.


By offering smart solutions we have the data to see the supply/demand real time for locations. On top of that, that data is very valuable for local councils who want to make data thriven decision on where to add new secure parking spots for the bikes.

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