Last-mile trips with scooters? Loved by people, provided by you!


Bikeep scooter rental station is the ideal option for anyone who wants to provide an easy, fast and convenient way of commuting for clients or tenants. Bring additional value to your customers! Bikeep scooter rental station makes traffic around your property much more versatile and modern. With the help of an automated and dock-based rental system, the scooters are always charged and parked correctly. Want to monetize this solution? It is easy through a smart administration system accessible from anywhere.

Key Benefits

E-scooter is the easiest way to commute those 1-mile trips downtown. Hotels like our client Meriton can offer their employees and tenants a convenient way of commuting near their buildings. For them, it was essential that the accessibility to their buildings would be provided and that scooters would always be arranged in their property so that everyone would feel safe and welcome.


No scooter is ever left blocking the way of right for others E-scooters are always fully charged Costly re-distribution efforts are not needed Run a small A-A rental scheme, where scooters are returned to the station Run a bigger A-n rental scheme where users can leave their e-scooters to any other docking station.

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