Imperial College London’s interdisciplinary expertise in bioengineering and biotechnology leads the UK field and spans the life sciences, engineering and medicine disciplines.


Our interdisciplinary experts work together as part of the Industrial Biotechnology Hub and Agri-Net which are networks dedicated to developing innovative applied solutions for industry and government agencies.


ICON have helped clients solve a range of problems:

Underpinning basic sciences and engineering
Developing technologies
Application areas such as bioenergy/biorenewables, bioremediation, biomechanics and waste treatment 
Medical implants and regenerative medicine 

Whether you need help with testing biological samples, developing novel biomaterials or determining the motion analysis for a new product, we can find the right people to help you solve a problem flexibly and responsively.


We have 25 year's experience of delivering commercial success:

Imperial Consultants (ICON) is largest university-owned consultancy company in the UK harnessing the expertise at Imperial College London.
As cutting edge-researchers at Imperial, our consultants contribute to an impressive depth and breadth of expertise for industry, commerce and government. 
We provide practical and innovative solutions for organisations from ranging large corporates to SMEs in the UK and internationally.
We support around 500 clients with around 600 projects each year. 

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