BIOSECUR Clean Label

Certified Organic Flavor (Clean label)

We created and developed an active natural antimicrobial ingredient with complex bioflavonoids / polyphenol


BIOSECUR ORGANIC CITRUS EXTRACT F400A-K is a NEW product certified at 95% organic by Ecocert. This product contains active bioflavonoids and polyphenols with preservation and antimicrobial properties. This BIOSECUR product is designed exclusively for use by MANUFACTURERS of functional blends for the food market.

Key Benefits

The characteristics of the F400A-K: - Contains 95% + of organic ingredients. - Made from 2 Citrus - Countain only citrus based ingredients plus organic glycerin - This product is ideal for organisation with large volume. - The F400A-K is a flavor and declared as an Organic Citrus Extract. - This product offers the same antimicrobial characteristic as the other Biosecur’s products. In this regard, I refer you to the web site where you will find information and scientific publications on the bioflavonoids and Polyphenols used in the Biosecur Lab.’s products.- You must test it to establish how it respond to your challenges. - Our products; when used for topical application has the great advantage of leaving a biofilm on the surface your product, hence protecting it post application.


To create antimicrobial and preservative blends Natural clean label flavor with preservative/antioxidant properties as alternative for food and beverages applications

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