A new class of biodegradable plastics based on poly(amic) acid has been invented at Binghamton University that opens up novel, smart, and green applications


Poly(amic) acid (PAA), homolyticlinkers, and small-molecular-weight biomolecules derived from nature.

BioTercPAA has been demonstrated to retard spoilage in cheese, meats, fruits, and nuts for months. BioTercPAA properties and applications can contribute to a safer environment and a sustainable future.

Key Benefits

• BioTerc PAA packaging materials simultaneously possess anti-microbial activity (active packaging), conductivity and color changes in response to changes of contained food material (intelligent packing).
• High biodegradability (less than 2 months) and non-toxic.
• Strong mechanical properties (up to 3.2 GPa modulus elasticity).
• High optical transparency (up to 90%) and vast color choice.
• Changes color upon exposure to vapors released by degrading food samples.
• Impermeable to water vapor and oil.
• Non-toxic.


-Food packaging
-Smart packaging
-Antibacterial packaging
-Monitoring food spoilage

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