Software platform that helps project teams run their processes faster by adding A.I. powered smart plugins in minutes to project tools they already use.


Bitskout is a software platform that allows any user to create and add a smart plugin to their project tools like Asana,, Jira, etc. in minutes without any coding and automate low-level activities. A smart plugin is powered by M.L. and is smart enough to help users with tasks that other rules-based automation tools fail. All smart plugins in Bitskout are already prepared and are configured via simple UI that does not require any training or special knowledge. By automating low level activities like manual data entry our clients save up to 5 hours per week per employee.

The examples of supported automations are:
- extracting data from any type of document
- extracting information from emails
- creating summaries for text and meeting transcripts
- detecting objects on images and video
- comparing documents and images between each other
- etc.

Additionally, Bitskout allows integration of custom models providing a last-mile for A.I.
Enterprises with their own AI ops can deliver their own models to their users via Bitskout and allow teams to use custom models with the project tools like Asana,, Jira, etc. without any coding or integration required.

Key Benefits

- Reduce waste in projects (up to 5 hours per week per employee is spent on low-level tasks)
- Increase employee engagement (by focusing on meaningful work and pushing boring tasks to machines)
- Improve internal efficiencies by reducing human errors due to fatigue
- Increase revenues by enabling processing to collect a proof of work and collect expertise digitally


Operations team (construction):
Ops Manager received work orders from clients via emails. All clients have different formats and ways to send the order (PDF or simple message). Ops Managers need a location, due date, and contact data to put into a task. Bitskout is used to extract that information to tasks automatically saving the company from hiring an extra headcount.

Telecom contractor:
Ops Manager receives bids via email. The bid requires a response with a quotation. The speed of answering with a quote makes a difference (more likely to win the bid). To calculate a quotation Ops Manager needs a location, scope of work and date. Bitskout extracts this automation automatically and allows the Ops Manager to answer faster.

Supply Chain:
SC manager has to provide well-formed documents to customs. Documents are filled by a factory, mistakes happen. By using Bitskout to compare documents and highlight the errors, SC managers save time and costs with each shipment.

Property Management:
Property Ops Manager controls the quality of the cleaning & repairs. With help of Bitskout and implementing a process where the photos of completed work are required, the proof of work is checked automatically for issues and requires human intervention only in case of an issue.

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