Block futures trading platform

Automating high touch markets

Real-time automated block futures trading, processing and reporting platform. Can be run either as an internaliser within an institution or as part of a regulated venue (either in Europe or Asia). Cloud based with secure encryption, our technology allows users to maximise trade capture, decrease cost and manual processes, increase compliance under best execution and reporting requirements, and improve their own client experience.


Cloud-based real-time secure platform for the automation of high-touch (off-market/block) listed and OTC derivatives markets. Designed to be run as either an internaliser within an institution or as a regulated venue in Europe and Asia, our technology can help the largest users of derivatives capture more off-setting business, increasing revenues, lowering cost via automation, and improving compliance in best execution and reporting.

Key Benefits

Capture - increasing the trade capture rate Cost - decreasing the processing cost of trades via automation Compliance - providing both Best Execution and the required reporting under a regulated venue Client - improving market price and reducing slippage for clients


Either as an ISV delivered internaliser, under an agency broker (white labelled) model or as a regulated venue.

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