A simple, efficient, digital tool to survey consumers and hear their voices when it matters most.


Bowimi initially created a platform that allowed brands to seamlessly deliver samples to consumers' mobile phones in the on-trade. Off the back of the success of the original platform, we were approached by a major brewery who wanted an efficient, digital way to survey consumers at an activation they were conducting.

This led us to develop our our consumer insight solution. This allows brands to send surveys to consumers in live environments and reward them with tangible, instant rewards. We can then send delayed follow up surveys to understand the behavior of these consumers following the event.

Key Benefits

Our solution has four key benefits:
1. A better understanding of the consumer experience and how to encourage repeat purchase/visit.
2. A seamless two-way conversation with your consumers to improve the experience and ensure a non-intrusive form of research.
3. Achieve greater sample sizes with less spend and ultimately improve efficiency.
4. A greater sample size can allow for more reliable data with certainty in appropriate respondents.

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