Boxilumix allows to decontaminate fruits & vegetables, enhance their preservation and quality with drastic reduction of food losses & waste, chemicals usage and foodborne diseases


The results of the tests are very impressive so far, allowing decontamination by 99.99%, extension of preservation of fresh goods up to 4 times their shelf life and enhancement of healthy antioxidants by 2 times. This sustainable solution is energy-efficient and does not require water.

Key Benefits

Boxilumix® KPI

Politics - Inspirational
 Hope and purpose

Financial - Economic
 Saving on chemicals (priming, fertilizer, pre/post harvesting, shelf life) (50-90%) on a $12B bactericide TAM.
 Losses and Waste reduction (50-90%) of F&V on a €800M TAM as well as resources used in vain
 Reduce DALYs on a 33 million DALYs TAM
 Enhance yield including harsh abiotic environment like salt (15-20%)
 ROCE (20%, 5-7Y)

 Jobs and socio-economic activities
 Human health 100% reduction of particles, direct toxic compounds exposure…)

 A Few minutes non-thermal process (light)
o growing mass gain +15%,
o decontamination (virus, bacteria, mold) 99.99%,
o shelf live extension +100 to 400%,
 shelf life mass loss reduction +50 to 80% (average value on carrot)
o Quality enhancement
 Keep nice/fresh aspect (nice color of carrot, wrinkle on Apple)
 Increasing antioxidant levels in fruits & vegetables (blueberries, elderberries, grapes)
 De-activating allergens (milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soybeans, wheat, fish, shellfish)
 10 times less nitrogen fertilizer needed (carrot, lettuce)
 Options: Detection of contaminant by fluorescence, dry sterilization of surfaces 10 times quicker

Nature - Environmental
 The quantity of water used for treatment reduced by 100%
 The quantity of energy, CO², GHG used reduced by 90%
 Mercury Free, Ozone Free, Noise free


According to market studies, we target 4 markets :
- Seeds: High demand in volume, organic, high quality
- Grow: Will buy less fertilizers and phytosanitary products every year. Will get a better yield (mass of salable product)
- Post-harvest: Will buy less sanitizers, fungicide, ethylene blockers products every year
- Stock, logistic, retailers: Will garbage less fruits and vegetables (that stands for up to 30% of their production) by managing better the ripening and shelf life

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