Next Gen Geo Mobile Marketing

The marketing platform for dynamic location based mobile content distribution

Bubbl is an advanced cloud-based campaign & analytics platform that easily unlocks location based content rich mobile marketing with iOS, Android and Cordova app plug-ins and SDKs.


Bubbl is a revolutionary marketing platform with simple ‘drop-in’ implementation to work with any mobile app to deliver location based content whether video, audio, surveys or notifications. Revitalise existing apps with location-aware customer engagement tools using the ready built campaign management platform. Bubbl offers new revenue streams, white label functionality supercharging any app with a simple SDK plugin, igniting high impact dynamic branded marketing opportunities in locations you specify. Real time data, visibility and insights help to dramatically enhance your mobile marketing efforts with engagement that is at the right time, in the right place and with the right message.

Key Benefits

* Privacy first - Bubbl is a privacy first company. GDPR compliant response filtering with custom rules ensure personal data remains just that, personal and private. Live audiences can connect as soon as they enter a specified location/venue, and anonymised data capture safeguards the privacy of users, unless they choose to opt in and share data with your app. * Quick and easy install - A developers dream, it's easy to install Bubbl SDK’s in minutes and test drive its pre-built location-aware notifications, image, video, audio and survey tools to supercharge your mobile app. Our live platform and dashboard, has multiple engagement tools ready built, is cloud based, fully hosted and accessed via a secure login page. * Location triggered engagement - Just add content for immediate mobile engagement wherever your app is installed, even if the app isn’t open. Dramatically reduce acquisition drop off rates and delight app users with relevant timely engagement. Run multiple geofence triggered marketing campaigns simultaneously across a limitless number of events, venues or locations. * Useful and realtime data insights - Real-time feedback from users in your specified locations make survey responses and customer service live and dynamic. Capture real-time customer insights and improve performance. Get valuable real time attendance and movement analytics. * Dynamic content distribution - Share engaging time, place and occasion relevant marketing content based on a user's proximity to your venue or location. Build ‘in-the-moment’ mobile marketing campaigns, change content on the fly and respond with dynamic engagement. * New revenue stream generation - White label apps, agencies and brands can generate new revenues and partnerships, enabling geofences and campaigns on any app. Introduce advertisers to a new way of using mobile, free of ad blockers and with no limit to app-centric engagement potential.


With Bubbl, airports could ease travellers’ experience and deliver informative content about flights. Push notifications could be delivered when travellers enter the airport, providing them with short tips to quicken the check in experience. This could include: a) Push notifications regarding location of the check-in counters, or reminders about liquid and other restricted items; b) Video-based guides on self service baggage check-in machines; c) Image-based guides with direct links to e-commerce page of the app, increasing users’ understanding of steps needed to purchase flight upgrades, additional baggage or additional baggage weight. As notifications could direct users to e-commerce screen, these would drive a higher number of consumers to make a purchase; d) Keep customers up to date with news, notices, flight delays and boarding status etc. by engaging with app users that are currently within the airport; e) Image-based vouchers could be delivered to app users to drive footfall within airport’s retail locations; f) When exiting the airport, short surveys could be delivered to gauge the purpose of the trip and customer satisfaction from the airport and flight; g) When arriving at the country of destination, app users could receive directions on how to get from the airport to the city centre. Tips on the best places to visit could also be delivered via push notifications, images and videos. h) Push notifications with link to e-commerce websites allowing tourists to book a taxi or hire a car.

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