We deliver award winning API technology that works with any app to drive mobile marketing engagement. Our tech is enabled with a simple plugin for apps, API’s and a cloud platform.


Bubbl is a simple API for any app to enable brands and consumers to create authentic connections and new revenue streams based on truth and trust. It offers conversational content to mobile users, that is contextually and location relevant without their app even being open.
Businesses can use this to generate new revenues and to use the latest geofencing, rich content delivery tools for mobile engagement, gathering privacy first impact, location and contextual data intelligence.

Key Benefits

Reaching users where they are, with the content they want we offer marketers feature rich notification formats and campaign management tools that drive user engagement scheduled or in real time, all delivered via an API attached to your app and our cloud based platform:
Advanced conversational notifications
Visual, Video and Audio content
Surveys, polls and deep links
New Revenue and Mobile Commerce tools
Footfall analysis
Contextual and relational data insights
GDPR compliance


Our technology is relevant to many sectors but is of particular benefit for those who own apps or agencies and developers work with brands to improve app audience retention.
Our technology is particularly relevant to those seeking to easily and rapidly adapt their mobile engagement strategies due to changes in consumer behaviour that makes it harder to reach them through conventional methods.

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