The use of PCR (post-consumer-recyclate) material is the most sustainable choice in the Non-Food Industry to reduce your CO2 footprint and to improve the lifecycle of plastics.


PCR material (post consumer recyclate) is a PP material which comes from the household waste from dual systems (e.g. Gelber Sack/yellow bag) and is re-used in plastic packaging.
We as Jokey can offer you buckets (Non-UN) with up to 100% PCR material.

Really important to know is also, that PCR material will be acknowledged in the upcoming European plastic tax as a possibility to safe taxes in case you have a defined proportion of PCR in you packaging (most likely 30 - 50% in total)

In general it is even less in price compared to Virgin PP material so that the economical factor is also very interesting.

Key Benefits

They key benefit is the reuasability of plastics coming from househould waste, which reduces the amount of Virgin plastic that has to be produced.
Our materials are still 100% recycable and have less carbon footprint than Virgin PP buckets. With PCR buckets from Jokey you have a sustainable and safe packaging solution for your goods.


Plastic packaging for all applications (except UN approved packaging)

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